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Photos of paranormal investigations, cemeteries and abandoned places inside and outside the state of Ohio

The Bissman Building was built in 1886 by the same architect who was building the Mansfield reformatory at that time. They were completed together and share some similarities. Peter Bissman was an immigrant with a dream and lots of ambition, his descendants have followed that dream down thru the years and even today Peter Bissman's expanded wholesale grocery still stands where the elder Bissman sank down roots, but not in operation. In the early 1930s the twenty smokestacks on the north and south sides of the Bissman's building filled the early morning air with the rich aroma their own brands of coffee. They supplied everyone within a 50 mile radius with groceries and staples and became a part of Mansfield's landscape for generations of people. The building has had a long and interesting life with many out of site happenings in its otherwise mundane operation in its basement during prohibition for example many shady things went on. Their have been deaths and murders, bodies found and unsolved murders left unanswered.These have left there mark upon the structure and linger still. The Bissman descendants have a long history of keeping silent about the happenings and hauntings here while the wholesale grocery was in business, but have come forward along with their ex-employees now that the grocery wholesale is as defunct as its last patrons. Now adding to that history paranormal investigators delve into the building for experiences and evidence that have added to the understanding of the otherness here. Welcome to the Bissman Building come on in.