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Photos of paranormal investigations, cemeteries and abandoned places inside and outside the state of Ohio

Sprucevalle is a ghost town made up of remnants of an old canal town located in Beaver Creek state park. Established in 1837 and abandoned after the canals' collapse in 1870. The area has several Legends and Ghost stories associated with it including Gretchin's Lock where a small immigrant girl was said to have died of Malaria and been entombed in the Locks wall and now haunts the lock. Esther Hale, a spurned bride who went mad after being stood up on her wedding day and eventually died after wandering around town refusing to change out of it, who haunts a nearby bridge and the Hambleton Mill. As well as the ghost of Pretty Boy Floyd who was gunned down by the police here in 1934. And Grannies House where the old lady may have poisoned a canal worker and his wife after being spurned, and buried them out in the nearby grounds.