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Photos of paranormal investigations, cemeteries and abandoned places inside and outside the state of Ohio

Everette Farnam built the manor in 1834. He was eccentric and would have people signal their intentions by circling the driveway three times. He was ahead of his time in the practice of land use measures. He planted Thousands of trees while most people cleared land. He was from Connecticut. He could quote the bible at length. He was brilliant and misunderstood. He was married to Emily Oviatt and he died in 1884. Ella Mayer got the house in 1910. In 1921 she added the round front porch and side porch as well as portecochere.She ran a house of ill repute. There aren't historical records to prove this because you didn't write that stuff down. One story is that it was a private club where women were a sort of adornment. The house changed hands many times. In 1948 Theodor and Ane Marie Kirk brought the property and opened a Danish Smorgasbord there. When they retired their Daughter & Son in law ran the Restaurant until 1972. After that the house went into decline. A series of renters lived there until 1980 when Bill Cummings owned it. He put 50 grand into the house and leased it out. Zarubas got it in 1989 and the house had sat vacant for years. It was in real bad shape. they restored a lot of it and were going to open a Bed & Breakfast but they got divorce and the house once again sat empty until The Manor is said to be haunted by Everette and Emily and several other ghosts including a young man named Pete. The UPP investigated Farnam Manor July 23rd, 2011.