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Photos of paranormal investigations, cemeteries and abandoned places inside and outside the state of Ohio

Glendower is a restored Greek Revival mansion located on a hill South of the center of Lebanon Ohio. John Milton Williams, a framer of the state's constitution, employed Amos Bennett to build the rectangular central unit in the 1840's. Flanking wings were added prior to the Civil War. The mansion's distinctiveness is partly due to its classic cornices and porticoes, its fluted Ionic and unfluted Doric columns, and a low, hipped roof capped by a captain's walk. The 13 rooms include a formal drawing room with two fireplaces. All rooms, furnished with Empire and early Victorian style pieces, reflect the skilled local craftsmen and gracious living of the residents. General Durbin Ward, a brigadier general in the Civil War, lived in the house following the war. The Mansion is believed to be haunted and we were invited down to see for ourselves by our friends the Spiritual Hope Society. We have gotten several EVPs from the mansion and heard disembodied voices in the mansion, our tech manager even startled a shadow person witch then ran from the room he was entering.