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Photos of paranormal investigations, cemeteries and abandoned places inside and outside the state of Ohio

Waverly Hills, located in Louisville Kentucky, was the largest Tuberculosis hospital in the United states. Prior to a cure being found, thousands of afflicted came here and died either from the disease or from attempts to cure it. The first building was built on the property in 1910. The huge structure we see today was built in 1924 and closed in 1961 after a cure lessened the need for such a massive hospital. The building re-opened the next year as Wood Haven Medical services, a geriatrics center that remained in operation until 1980 when the state of Kentucky closed it down because of patient abuses. This place was more active than anywhere I had investigated up to this point. The sounds and voices whispering in your ears, odd shadows moving on down the hallways and even hair pulling and touching of investigators were all experienced while we were there.