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Greenlawn CemeteryLost & Found Ohio would like to welcome two new photo gallery contributors; Jennifer Gordon and Roman Sirotin. They are residents of central Ohio and their work is very impressive. We are happy to have them as contributors!

Here are links to their most recent contributions to LFO...

Knox County Poor House

Greenlawn Cemetery

Gates of Hell

Fort Hayes

Landmark Grain Elevators

I asked Jennifer about how she and Roman became interested in abandoned places and here is what she said...

"It was winter, snow and slush filled streets, going for thai food after a long day of dancing. Before heading into the restaurant we notice an old Victorian house, paint peeling, it’s strange almost garish colors are beginning to fade yet stand out on this grey day. Without a word we were looking in the windows, the place was empty, filled with debris. The cameras came out and we were snapping photos through dusty windows, self portraits by peeling paint, falling in love in a way with the silence of this house, the nostalgia of a single moment. Capturing it’s once commended beauty."

"It was those empty rooms, those dirty windows that changed how we looked at buildings."

"It started soon after, a trip to the grain elevator, gates of hell, Knox County Poorhouse, Ohio State Reformatory, a Howard Johnsons about to be torn down, an abandoned colonial house…

Any place can be a favorite place, the light, the silence, the moment. We have been to the Knox County Poorhouse on many occasions already, it constantly changes, with the season, with the day. Each time we are back there it had grown into something new, and so do we." - Jennifer Gordon

Please also take some time to visit their personal pages...

Jennifer's website

Roman's Website

Their Etsy shop

Their Facebook page

Thanks Jennifer and Roman for your contributions to Lost & Found Ohio!

- Tom

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Truman's "Seagoing White House" Rusts In Italy

Truman's YachtIt's been a while since I contributed something to the blog and today I ran across an interesting article online that I thought you might also find interesting. 

President Truman actually had a yacht that he loved to spend time on while President that was often referred to as the "Seagoing White House". He had meetings on-board with all kinds of dignitaries, including Winston Churchill. The ship was made to look like a miniature "Titanic".

Unfortunately, Truman's "Seagoing White House" is rusting in an Italian backwater. The current owner, a former exchange student who spent time in Truman's hometown, hopes someone will bring it back to the United States and refurbish it.

To the right, you'll see a picture of what it originally looked like.

In the article below, you can learn more and see how it looks today...

- Tom

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Ohio U. Demolishes "The Ridges" Building 26

Ohio University has proceeded with plans to demolish the historic, and haunted, Ridges building 26 in Athens. Several sections of the building have already been leveled. The reason previously given by the University for the demolition was due to the property becoming a nuisance attracting vandals and trespassers.

Read the article from 10TV below...

From The Athens Messenger

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Researchers Conclude 40,000+ Nazi Ghettos, Camps Existed Under Hitler

Researchers from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. have determined through extensive research efforts that Jews and other targeted minorities were held in more than 40,000 ghettos and camps during Hitler's reign in Germany. The number of ghettos and camps that were determined to exist by researchers is far beyond what was originally thought.

Read the entire story here...

Researchers Conclude 40,000+ Nazi Ghettos, Camps Existed Under Hitler

- Tom

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Researcher Thinks "Crop Circles" Could Be More Than Modern Pranks

Crop CirclesA Tasmanian historian and researcher has itendified what he believes are "crop circles", the ornate designs often found in UK wheat fields, in old satellite imagery.

Several years ago, a pair of British men admitted to creating numerous "crop circles" in parts of Britain over the course of several years beginning in the mid-1970's. The satellite imagery being used by this researcher is much older than when they admitted to being atctively orchestrating their prank.

Theories on what might cause a legitimate "crop circle" includes everything from aliens, to weather phenomena, to unseen, and periodic, energy-related changes in the atmopshere. There are a wide range of ideas.

Follow this link to read the entire article: Are Crop Circles More Than Just Modern Pranks

- Tom

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Historic Must-See Cemeteries

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GeogiaHistoric Must-See U.S. Cemeteries has an article up, complete with photo slide-show, about 15 historic "must-see cemeteries". It includes cemeteries in Atlanta Georgia, New Orleans, Massachusettes, New York, and many other locations throughout the United States. These cememetaries contain impressive monuments and memorials mixed with beautiful natural scenery...

- Tom

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10 "Scary" Places

10 "Scary" Places

Below is a link to a good slideshow on MSN highlighting ten legendary haunted locdations from around the world. These are all very interesting places but the one I find most intriguing is the haunted forest in Japan...

- Tom

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No Human Remains At Suspected Hoffa Burial Site

No Human Remains At Suspected Hoffa Burial Site

Tests of soil samples beneath a concrete slab behind a suburban Detroit home came back negative for human remains so the mystery of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa continues.

Read more about it here...

- Tom

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Photographer Captures Beauty of Abandoned Buildings

Here's an interesting article from MSNBC about a photographer with very similar intersts to Marty and I and doing something like what we've tried to do here on Lost & Found Ohio. It's unfortunate that so many buildings across the country have been ingored and fallen into disrepair. Many of these structures still hold powerful ambiances along with many memories from the past.

Click on the link for the full article...

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New Lead To Possible Burial Location of Legendary Labor Leader Who Mysteriously Disappeared

New Lead To Possible Burial Location of Legendary Labor Leader Who Mysteriously Disappeared.

HoffaGrowing up in a family full of blue-collar union member relatives, one of the first mysteries I ever heard about as a kid was the mysterious disapparance of legendary, and incredibly corrupt, union boss Jimmy Hoffa. These stores helped cultivate my interest in all things mysterious and unusual.

The Hoffa story is especially interesting becuase of how brazenly corrupt he was. The guy had mob connections and all kinds of other shady side "projects" that could have lead to him being killed or simply disappearing on his own. He even spent time in prison. There was as much evidence to believe he was killed as there was that he simply stole money from his former union's coffers and disappeared on his own.

The FBI received a new lead recently that has them digging a core sample under a patio behind a suburban Detroit home that could be the location of Hoffa's final resting place. The last place he was seen was a restaurant in the Detroit area. An anomaly was detected during scanning beneath the patio. This core sample will only determine if a body was buried there, not its' identity. Digging up actual evidence that DNA can be extracted from will be required to determine if it actually is Hoffa.

Check out the full story here...

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