is Grave Encounters Movie a Ghost Adventures Ripoff

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 today for the blog I have a new movie coming out that spoofs paranormal investigators on a ghost hunt when it all goes wrong. I love investigating and I love horror films so I checked out the preview and it looks alot like someone decided to make a horror film strongly influinced by Ghost Adventures. See what you think.   They Lock themselves in the haunted location all alone, there appear to be three investigators and the main man even seems to look a little like Zak  IMO

   as a side note:  Some of my favorite paranormal/ghost hunting related movies are


   Legend of Hell House

   Ghost Busters
The crew of ghost-hunting reality TV show "Grave Encounters" are shooting an episode inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital where unexplained phenomena has been reported for years. To ratchet up the stakes, they decide to lock themselves inside the building for the night in order to film their paranormal investigation. Quickly, they realize that the building is not only haunted, but it is alive and has no intention of letting them go.

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Lance Preston and the crew of "Grave Encounters", a ghost-hunting reality television show, are shooting an episode inside the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, where unexplained phenomena has been reported for years. All in the name of good television, they voluntarily lock themselves inside the building for the night and begin a paranormal investigation, capturing everything on camera. They quickly realize that the building is more than just haunted - it is alive - and it has no intention of ever letting them leave. They find themselves lost in a labyrinth maze of endless hallways and corridors, terrorized by the ghosts of the former patients. They soon begin to question their own sanity, slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of madness, ultimately discovering the truth behind the hospital's dark past...and taping what turns out to be their final episode. Written by Producer

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When it comes to locations for a horror movie or horror television show or horror-inspired urban exploration, nothing beats an abandoned mental institution. If only Martin Scorsese had understood that when he decided once again to make the fatal mistake of casting Leonardo DiCaprio in " Shutter Island." Casting a talented actor in a story about a haunted abandoned mental institution might have produced a comeback for the saddest director story in Hollywood since Orson Welles.
" Grave Encounters" doesn't come with the cache of casting a once-great director nor an overrated actor, but at least they got the plot right. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the over-the-top comedy of that "Ghost Hunters" show is sure to enjoy what looks to be one of the more enjoyable entries in the " Blair Witch Project" school of handheld camera filmmaking. While " The Blair Witch Project" was nearly torturous to get through and contained minimal horror and terror, the trailer for "Grave Encounters" indicates at least one or two scenes of horror that equal to the most creepy encounters of those guys and gals on "Ghost Hunters." Besides, as mentioned, an abandoned mental hospital is just intrinsically disturbing.
" Grave Encounters" is another in the school of handheld video camera horror movies that began with " The Blair Witch Project." The most famous after that groundbreaking film is doubtlessly "Cloverfield." The best thing about "Cloverfield" was the humor of the guy holding the camera and the way the monster was presented, but it absolutely pales in comparison to the best monster movie ever made: "The Host." If you are looking for a truly scary movie in the handheld camera movie making tradition and "Grave Encounters" doesn't turn out to pull off the job, then watch a little Spanish horror masterwork titled "REC" and prepare to be as creeped out as you have ever been by a great Asian horror film.
If "Grave Encounters" can produce half the eerie dread that you get from "REC" then it should become at least as big a hit as "The Blair Witch Project." An American version of "REC" was made and retitled "Quarantine" and if "REC" had not already existed, this entry in the handheld camera horror genre would qualify as the best of the lost. But "REC" does exist and if you put off watching movies because you have to read then you deserve to send your time watching crappy American horror films with no style and even less scary scenes.
"Grave Encounters" does come with an immediate red flag that undermines the potential for great horror displayed in the trailer. It is simply quite difficult to take seriously a movie that is directed by a duo calling themselves The Vicious Brothers. Then again, who ever thought a movie titled "Raiders of the Lost Ark" would be a masterpiece that withstood the test of time?
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- August 28 2011 at 02:09

My husband and I saw the movie and completely agree 100% . The main guy sound just like Zak wow I really hope that Zak and the crew get some money out of this since it really base on there show from the start.
- January 14 2013 at 22:06

I love Ghost Adventures so I thought I would have a look at Grave Encounters. What a load of rubbish. 20 minutes I lasted and turned it off

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